Sunday, April 24, 2011

Trees for shoes

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Footwear is often a neglected piece of a person's wardrobe. Sure people spend time choosing a pair of shoes which suits their needs, but that's the extent of it. It's typical to buy a new pair of shoes every 2 or 3 years. That's fine when you're rocking a pair of Chuck Taylors, or a pair of glued together faux-leather oxfords that you picked up at Target for $20, but if you have a quality pair of leather dress shoes then trees are important.

Their most important feature is maintaining the original shape of the shoe; especially where it bends as you walk, and especially when it has been raining. Also, most quality trees are made of cedar which aids in deodorizing, so even if you have the funkiest feet in the world your shoes don't have to be funky as well.

Look for a set of shoe trees made of cedar because of it's natural deodorizing ability. Also ensure that the heel is wide and the general shape of a shoe heel as a wire heel will do more harm in deforming the heel than good. Your shoes will make or break any look so make sure you treat them right and they'll do the same for you for a lifetime.

Allen Edmonds Men's Combination Cedar Shoe Tree


  1. I actually care for my shoes, although I don't have those shoe "trees" I use paper balls that I made so the bends don't stay, simple and easy.

  2. i dont care for shoes.
    females dont attract me with shoes.
    i prefer barefoot!

  3. I just buy the cheapest shoes i can find haha. they usually fall apart in 6 months

  4. You should never neglect a good pair of shoes that you paid good money for, if you take care of them they'll last for many many years to come! That's why shoe trees are important :D

  5. Shoe trees have to be well fitted, other way they won't work.